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Well that last post took it’s time… I had tried to upload that one on the train back from MCM and it has only just uploaded. Gave me a giggle.

Todays work! Got the ink finished for my entry for the Tokonatsu name badge competition. Going to get some colour on those tomorrow. Then a grumpy, kickass looking, lady for fun! Yeah!
Also I have now finished uni! (With the exception on the London exhibition and graduation) but I got my marks and I’m pretty happy with them. Now to continue drawing!

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Mcm is all over and I realised I hadn’t taken any action shots of my table. Ah well, next time ;) These are some comissions I did. Just about managed to quickly snap some pictures to post.

Thanks to everyone who came to check out my stuffs. I had some awesome table neighbours such as @cryoclaire (to be fair there are loads of awesome peeps, so I’m going to do a update this or make a new post with some links and my comic village haul).

I have sold out of my ‘Home is where the bra comes off’ posters and postcards but once I have finished uni I am hoping to open a online store so watch this space!

Thanks again to everyone! ;)

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Whoo! A shop!

Sorry for the silence I had made a post MCM post but it didn’t upload… yay! I must do one, I met so many awesome people and bought some awesome comic village things I want to show!

We are actually mid week of our degree show and we just finished setting up shop for student work which is great fun and private view is this evening! Much excite!

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